First Content Expansion Added: Crab Tavern

Hello Skeletons!

We're excited to add the first of many Funding Goals. Over 5 pages of new content, plus tons of small tweaks and improvements throughout the book:

  • Crab Empire reworked into a more interactive Crab Cabal (mafia-type organization)
  • Crab Debts, commerce, quests, valuables, and more!
  • The Bottom of the Barrel, an underwater tavern brimming with engaging encounters and goofy Crabs.
  • Skeleton Types are simplified, more clear, and easier to play.
  • Wizard Quirks
  • Better connectivity overall to drive players exploration and adventure
  • Removed Item Slots, not very Troika-like and kinda boring
  • Hints about the next Funding Goal: Mermaids!

We're hoping to get Mermaids added in the next few weeks, but that will be a big chunk of content. Stay tuned! And as always, drop a line on twitter @davidschirduan or subscribe to the newsletterfor updates.

We hope you enjoy the new Crab Cabal and don't go too deeply into debt!

 - David and Lauren Schirduan


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Oct 31, 2021
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Oct 31, 2021

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