PDF Almost Complete + Price Increase

Hello, Fellow Skeletons!

We've had a few minor delays with the final PDF, but we're still on track to release in mid-February March (whoops). I'll give a breakdown of all the new features you can expect (and you'll see why we had to push things back a month)!

Let's dive in and explore what's coming with the final PDF:

Final PDF Features

  • 20+ more pages. Over 120 pages in total! This book started out as a 30pg zine and is now going to be a beefy hardback. We've come a long way. I even typed up a detailed history of Bones Deep if you're curious about where things started out.
  • More Troika-ish editing. Jared Sinclair is one of the most talented editors in our community. He's edited a TON of Troika stuff, and was able to help bring Bones Deep in line with other Troika products.
  • Over 2000 edits. Not only will it work better with Troika, but it will also work better with EVERYTHING. Sections have been moved around, the language improved, descriptions tightened, creatures given depth, and a layer of polish on everything. It's like a whole new book in some ways!
  • Two new Locations. The Bleached Wasteland and Sargasso Island were written by our local fish friend: Mary Elizabeth McDonald. She also added a handful of new creatures and treasures to the mix, including a new merchant: Jetsam buys your trash and offers you new items and spells to enjoy.
  • Spicier Skeletons. We added some more nuance to their backgrounds, beefed up some skills, and improved the way their drives and abilities interact. You can actually see the new backgrounds in the character sheets or on the generator.
  • Creatures are more lively and interactive. Now, ALL creatures can be commanded or adopted. All creatures are getting Miens as well (different motivations, behaviors, and states). Evey Lockhart is writing the Miens, so you know they're gonna be incredible!
  • Expanded Character Sheets. Include a bunch of stuff:
    •  The improved skeleton backgrounds
    • A map of the 20 locations in Bones Deep
    • A detailed map of the Sunken Barge dungeon by Lucas Rolim.
    • Memory Mishaps: 3d6 things that might go wrong when you absorb memories.
    • Troika rules reference in case you don't have the rulebook handy
    • And more! Check them out for yourself.
  • Skeleton Generator is added back in! Written by Lawful Neutral, it includes a few improvements for generating player skeletons as well as NPC skeletons. This generator alone is almost 5 pages long!
  • More artwork! Laura Ketcham drew a Wizard and a Witch to round out the factions. We also added more sketches from Johannes; his weirdness inspires us!

Price Increase? Why?

Bones Deep is no longer in early access! All funding goals are met, all new features have been added to the book. It's grown by over 40 pages since we started. The $10 price tag no longer fits such a beefy book. This will not affect existing customers in any way.

If you're curious about RPGs that are similar to Bones Deep, David interviewed ten other RPG creators who are making games set near or under the water. Read their interviews here!

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